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PNB Life’s SUMMIT SELECT is a single-pay 5-year unit-linked peso plan which provides a minimum redemption value equal to 100% of the Single Premium invested and the upside potential to earn more, provided the policy is held until maturity and the issuer of the underlying note where the fund will be invested fully meets its obligation.

Choose how much to invest (Single Premium)

Enjoy a worry-free investment through its guaranteed and unique features:

Superior Life Insurance Protection

Summit Select elevates your life insurance coverage to the next level!

*Minimum life insurance coverage or 100% of the Total Fund Value, whichever is higher

Ensured Capital

Summit Select offers higher potential gains yet provides you with a unique safety net. At the end of five years and provided that ING Bank fully meets its obligation, you get back no less than 100% of your invested capital.

Linked to Asian Consumer Spending Boom

Summit Select gives you the opportunity to invest and benefit from growth of the Asian emerging market consumerism.

Excellent Upside Potential

At the end of the each annual observation, Minimum Redemption at Maturity is known with certainty. Interim highest returns are “locked-in” and are not affected by subsequent performance.

Consummate Portfolio Management

The Index is a dynamically managed portfolio of cash and equities rebalanced on a bi-weekly basis to maintain portfolio volatility around 10%. Equity exposure is equally weighted to the 10 distinguished companies.

Ten Ascendant Companies

Profiting from the beneficiaries of emerging market consumerism, Summit Select is anchored to 10 distinguished companies from retail, computers, apparels, auto manufacturers and other industries.

Limited offer only!

The SUMMIT SELECT offer period is from March 1 – April 16, 2012 only.


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