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Optimize the power of your wealth

Basic Features

Optimal Power is a single-pay, whole life policy that has its value directly linked to the performance of the underlying fund.

It brings together the opportunities of investing in expertly managed funds and the security of having insurance protection of at least 125% of your investment while having maximum flexibility in determining its features.

Specify your currency
- Peso
- US Dollar

Choose how much to invest (Single Premium)

Minimum Investment
Policy Ages 0-40 Ages above 40
Peso Php 75,000 Php 90,000
US Dollar $ 2,500 $ 4,000

Make those Add-ons
Add investments anytime to your Optimal Power Policy while it is in force through a Top-up Premium, the minimum amount is Php 20,000 for a Peso policy or $ 400 for a US Dollar policy. This increases you Total Sum Assured by 125% of the top-up amount.

Decide when to cash in
Withdraw any amount from your fund anytime. For partial withdrawals, your Optimal Power Policy remains in force as long as your fund value is enough to pay your monthly charges. You have 4 free withdrawals per policy year.

The minimum withdrawal amount is Php 10,000/USD 200 and the minimum maintaining balance in each fund must be at least Php 10,000/USD 200 when the application for withdrawal is received.

Opt for your level of protection
Option 1 – Level Death Benefit
Optimize your investment potential by allocating a bigger portion of your fund to the purchase of investment units. The death benefit is the fund value or the sum assured, whichever is higher.

Option 2 – Increasing Death Benefit
Optimize your insurance protection while keeping your investment opportunities. The death benefit is the sum of the fund value and your total sum assured.

Pick your choice of investment

  • Peso Fixed Income Fund (PFIF)
  • Peso Equity Fund (PEF)
  • Peso Balanced Fund (PBF)
  • Peso Money Market Fund (PMMF)
  • Peso Optimized Dividend Equity Fund (PODEF)
  • Peso Multi-Sector Equity Fund (PMSEF)

Switch and reshape your portfolio
Reallocate your funds to another type or combination as long as:
- The amount switched is not lower than Php 10,000 for a Peso policy.
- The amount in any of the funds after switching will not be lower than Php 10,000 for a Peso policy.
You are allowed 2 free switches within a policy year.

Go for a loyalty bonus
Receive a loyalty bonus amounting to 0.5% of the average of your monthly balances after 5 years. Such is recalculated and added to your fund every 5 years.


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