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PNB Life’s Diversify brings together the opportunities of investing in expertly managed funds and the security of having insurance protection of at least 5 times your basic annual regular premium while having maximum flexibility in determining its features.

Diversify is a regular-pay, whole life policy that has its value directly linked to the performance of the underlying fund.

Choose how much to invest (Regular Premium)

Policy Ages 0 - 40 Ages above 40
Peso Php 15,000.00 Php 20,000.00
US Dollar $ 400.00 $ 500.00

Pick your choice of investment

  • Peso Fixed Income Fund (PFIF)
  • Peso Equity Fund (PEF)
  • Peso Balanced Fund (PBF)
  • Peso Money Market Fund (PMMF)
  • Peso Optimized Dividend Equity Fund (PODEF)
  • Peso Multi-Sector Equity Fund (PMSEF)

A fast-paced lifestyle within an accelerating economy has heightened consumerism for young professionals. Insurance is often taken for granted in lieu of goods that provide instant gratification. People also became averse to investing because they feel threatened by the complexities of financial instruments.

The good thing is that PNB Life Diversify offers insurance protection up to fifty-five* times of the basic annual premium. With loaded protection coverage still comes the opportunity to invest in expertly managed funds to meet other financial needs. Low premium charges may provide client faster build-up of the policy’s fund value.

Under the increasing death benefit feature, the Total Death Benefit is the TOTAL of Sum Assured and Policy’s Fund Value at the time of Death.

The life expectancy of Filipinos is increasing. This may be attributed to many factors such as improved income or better access to healthcare during their prime years. This means that the elderly population is expanding.

However, in the absence of savings for retirement brought about by lack of financial literacy or means to save, retirement becomes a challenge as the cost of retirement and inflation will not be enough even in the presence of government or employer sponsored savings programs. That is why Diversify becomes a wise choice to prepare for your retirement. Its dual benefit of insurance protection 5X the basic annual premium and the opportunities to invest in expertly managed funds becomes an attractive retirement solution. Its low premium charges provide the insured to build faster the policy’s fund value.

Under the level death benefit feature, the Total Death Benefit is higher of the total sum assured and the total fund value.

Increase your investment whenever you want
• You can add investments anytime to your policy while it is in force through a Top-Up Premium, the minimum amount of which should be Php 20,000 for a Peso policy or $ 400 for a US Dollar policy. What’s more, Top-Up Premiums increase your total Sum Assured by 125% of the top-up amount!
• Receive a loyalty bonus amounting to 2% of the average of your monthly balances for the past 5 years. Such is recalculated and added to your fund every 5 years.

Switch and reshape your portfolio
Reallocate your funds to another type or combination as long as:
• The amount switched is not lower than Php 10,000 for a Peso policy or USD 200 for a Dollar Policy.
• The amount in any of the funds after switching will not be lower than Php 10,000 for a Peso policy or USD 200 for a Dollar Policy. You are allowed two (2) FREE switches within a policy year.

Count on Diversify when you need it
Withdraw any amount from your fund anytime. For partial withdrawals, your Diversify policy remains in force as long as your fund value is enough to pay your monthly charges. You have 4 FREE withdrawals per policy year. The minimum withdrawal amount is Php 10,000 / USD 200 and the minimum maintaining balance in each fund after withdrawal must be at least Php 10,000 / USD 200.

Live Event Benefit Rider
In the event of marriage by the policyowner, the birth of a child, the death of a spouse or a child, divorce or separation, or loss of job through involuntary unemployment, Diversify comes automatically with a life event benefit rider wherein PNB Life will credit back the cost of insurance charges for the six months preceding the receipt and approval by PNB Life of due proof that the policyowner, aged 18 to 60, experienced a defined Life Event. A maximum of one claim may be availed per policy year. The maximum benefit limit for this rider shall be P 10,000 or USD 200 for the entire duration of the rider.


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