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For a limited period only!

Guaranteed DOUBLE protection benefit PLUS increased savings power of guaranteed cahs allowance equal to 12% of your policy’s face amount every 3 years for life!
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Milestone Protect 360

Your complete health, retirement and life insurance product that provides protection against dread diseases, accident and hospitalization.
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Healthy Ka Pinoy

Healthy Ka Pinoy (HKP) Health Emergency Card is an affordable insurance product which provides Emergency Hospital Care for Accident and Sickness; Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disability benefits; and Accidental Burial Benefit.
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Affordable and Easy Employee Benefit Program

Get the advantage of employee benefit that is easy and affordable. Entrepreneurs can now avail of instant insurance coverage for their employees.
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Downloadable Forms

We make certain transactions easy for you by making transactional forms available online. If you need to make a change on your insurance application or existing policy, or to facilitate continuous billing through credit card, or decided to switch funds for your unit-linked policy, or even file a claim, then such transactional forms are listed below for you to click, print, and accomplish anytime, anywhere.


Fund Transfer for Anticipated Endowments Download Form (.PDF)
Application Amendment Form Download Form (.PDF)
Application for Reinstatement Download Form (.PDF)
Authorization for Continuous Billing (PNB and Allied cards) Download Form (.PDF)
Authorization for Continuous Billing (non-PNB and Allied cards) Download Form (.PDF)
Authorization for Premium Deduction (with Waiver) Download Form (.PDF)
Auto-Debit Authorization (Allied) Download Form (.PDF)
Auto-Debit Authorization (PNB) Download Form (.PDF)
Declaration of Good Health Download Form (.PDF)
Deed of Absolute Assignment Download Form (.PDF)
Deed of Collateral Assignment Download Form (.PDF)
FFR Deposit Slip Download Form (.PDF)
Flexi-Fund Withdrawal Download Form (.PDF)
Fund Transfer Agreement Form Download Form (.PDF)
Policy Amendment Form Download Form (.PDF)
Policy Loan Appication Form Download Form (.PDF)
Policy Surrender Form Download Form (.PDF)


Application for Fund Switching Download Form (.PDF)
Application for Withdrawal Download Form (.PDF)
Application for Top-Up Contibution Download Form (.PDF)


Attending Physician's Statement 1 Download Form (.PDF)
Attending Physician's Statement 2 Download Form (.PDF)
Statement of Claimant 1 Download Form (.PDF)
Statement of Claimant 2 Download Form (.PDF)
Statement of Claimant 3 Download Form (.PDF)

Click here to download Adobe Reader


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